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Saturday, July 13, 2024

We Scoured The Internet...

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product...

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50 of the best pantry organizers, according to experts | CNN Underscored

There are so many options when it comes to finding solutions to organize a pantry and maximize storage space, it can be overwhelming to sort out what’s worth your money and what will just add clutter.

To find the absolute best pantry organizing products, we scoured Amazon for top-rated products that people swear by. We also enlisted the pros — literally! We asked professional organizers Kate Pawlowski and Ann Lightfoot, co-founders of Done & Done Home and authors of the forthcoming book “Love Your Home Again,” and Nonnahs Driskill, the founding organizer at Get Organized Already!, to tell us what organizers they recommend to their clients. We also tapped Danielle Dorn, a creative director for mDesign, and Suzanne Woodrow, a senior merchandiser for soft storage at mDesign, who shared some of their go-to organizing products for the pantry.

Ahead, you’ll find 50 of the best organizers to fit every pantry size, need and style.

$112.95 at Amazon

“We don’t always decant but when we do, we use OXO Pop Top containers,” Lightfoot and Pawlowski say. “They keep food fresh and all of the different shapes and sizes make customization a breeze!”

$39.99 at Amazon

Praki Airtight Food Storage Containers Set with Lids

This set of 24 food storage containers gets high marks from users for durability, design and price. The set includes four each of four sized clear plastic containers with lids, as well as stick-on labels and a labeling pen.

$16.49 at Amazon

mDesign Plastic Organizing Bin With Handles

Lightfoot and Pawlowski love this basic clear plastic bin — which they call “one of our versatile essentials” — for organizing in pantries, kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. Opting for clear bins ensures you can see what’s inside, which will help to cut back on food waste and over-purchasing, and the handles make it easy to grab and pull down from a shelf.

From $3.99 at The Container Store

White Storage Bins With Handles

While clear storage bins are generally a good choice, there are times when a bit more privacy is called for. Driskill likes these white plastic storage bins “to corral many bags of snacks, grains, beans or other categories of unruly packaging.”

$33.99 at Amazon

mDesign Bamboo Wood Kitchen Storage Bin Organizer

“This product was designed to keep food storage lids separated, organized, and easy to find,” Dorn and Woodrow say. “Divided into three compartments, this organizer has space for lids of all shapes, sizes, and styles. The open top lets you see what you have at-a-glance and allows you to instantly grab whatever you need.”

$66.99 at Amazon

Rubbermaid 10-Piece Brilliance Food Storage Containers

Reviewers love this Rubbermaid set of 10 durable containers with snap-on lids. The BPA-free containers are freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and come in sizes ranging from 19.9-cup to 0.5 cup.

$30.99 at Amazon

Chefstory Airtight Food Storage Containers Set

The Chefstory food storage set includes 14 containers with snap-on lids in four sizes: Two tall, and four each large, medium and small. They come with chalkboard labels and a chalk pen that can be wiped off so the labels can be redone or reused.

$23.49 at Amazon

mDesign 4-Section Organizer Bin

“These divided bins are great for your fridge, pantry or cupboard because the four sections allow you to keep like items together,” Dorn and Woodrow say. “Separate your baking supplies, tea bags, nutrition bars, cocoa, soup mixes, tea, instant coffee and other small cooking essentials neatly in their own designated compartment.”

$37.99 at Amazon

mDesign Plastic Kitchen Organizer

“The most common problem we run into when organizing pantries is deep shelves,” Lightfoot and Pawlowski say. “For that reason, our favorite pantry bins are stackable storage bins with handles. Items remain visible and the ability to stack bins means the available space is doubled.”

$27.49 at Amazon

mDesign Bamboo Stacking Bin

“Made from eco-friendly bamboo, our Bamboo Stacking Bin is perfect for organizing all your favorite snacks, drinks, and foods,” Dorn and Woodrow say. “It’s convenient and versatile, so these bins can be used all over the home, not just in the kitchen! Also, the open fronts let you see and grab what you need instantly without unstacking them.”

$19.99 at Amazon

Netany Small Pantry Organization and Storage Bins

Pantry bins come in all shapes, sizes and materials. These small woven plastic bins can help to maximize storage and organization in a pantry by taking advantage of small or awkwardly shaped spaces.

$21.24 at Amazon

Utopia Home Pantry Organizer

This set of eight clear plastic storage bins in two sizes gets high marks for durability and price. One reviewer says, “Much more affordable and great quality. Cheaper than the Container Store similar products and seems better made.”

$21.49 at Amazon

mDesign Plastic Wide Food Storage Organizer Bin With Handles

“This storage bin fits boxed foods, condiments, spices, baking supplies, dry goods, and many other kitchen essentials,” Dorn and Woodrow say. “You can use it in the refrigerator and freezer and the design features handles for easy pull-out or carrying.”

$20.79 at Amazon

Hoojo Organizer Bins

Organizing bin sets can be pricey, but this collection of plastic bins is high-quality bargain. It includes eight containers with easy grip handles that make it easy to pull in and out of even the most packed pantry.

$19.98 at Amazon

Caduke 3-Tier Spice Rack Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

“As professional organizers in New York City,” Lightfoot and Pawlowski say, “we run into a lot of small pantries, sometimes one cabinet is all we have to work with. When that’s the case, our go-to product is a 3-tiered adjustable bamboo riser. Cans and jars in the back of the cabinet remain visible and we love that this shelf is made from sustainable materials.”

$36.99 at Amazon

Mooace 3 Tier Expandable Spice Rack Set

Reviewers love this set of expandable shelves, that they say are easy to assemble, durable and “stylish for smaller spaces.”

$26.87 at Amazon

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer

The best-selling can rack on Amazon has a lot to offer: The simple metal design can hold a whopping 36 cans on its three-tier risers. Reviewers love it for its ease of assembly, sturdiness and large capacity.

$24.99 at Amazon

mDesign Plastic Organizer Bins for Cans

“Can organizers allow you to organize all your favorite canned soda, soups, fruit and vegetables compactly and conveniently,” Dorn and Woodrow say, adding, “Use them in both the fridge or pantry.”

$9.81 at Amazon

Copco Non-Skid 3-Tier Spice Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

The best selling riser-style can organizer on Amazon is also a great budget pick. For under $10, this three-tier shelving system can hold cans, jars, bottles and more. Reviewers call it “very sturdy” and “immensely helpful.”

$11.99 at The Container Store

iDesign Linus Wine Holder

Driskill suggests buying two or more of this stackable bottle holder “to use in a cabinet for empty water/sports bottles.” The clear plastic design allows you to see what’s stored so you won’t mistake a travel coffee mug for your water bottle in a dark cabinet.

$8.99 at Amazon

Webake Can Organizer for Pantry

When it comes to pantry storage solutions for small or awkwardly shaped spaces, look for products with small footprints to maximize limited space. This mat-style can organizer provides stability for stacking cans, pyramid-style, without taking up any extra width.

$39.99 at Amazon

Brother P-Touch Everyday Label Maker

“If you have a lot of different family members searching for food items or putting groceries away,” Lightfoot and Pawlowski say, “labels can be a huge help. We recommend the Brother P-Touch labeler. It’s simple to use, reliable and the refill tape is always easy to find.”

$59.99 at Amazon

Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker

The Brother P-Touch Smartphone labeler allows you to design and print labels from a smartphone or tablet. The P touch design app works with Apple and Android devices and offers a huge selection of label templates, and also allows users to design custom labels.

$33.29 at Amazon

Phomemo Portable Bluetooth Label Printer With Tape

This pink handheld labeler is as cute as can be! Reviewers praise its simplicity and ease of use, and love that its connected app offers loads of design options.

$16.95 at Amazon

Quart + Pint Kitchen Pantry Labels for Containers

Pre-printed pantry storage container labels make organizing as easy as it gets. This set of 134 waterproof peel-and-stick labels includes duplicates for common items like cereal and snacks.

$29.99 at Amazon

YouCopia Crazy Susan Turntable

“Pantries become chaotic,” Lightfoot and Pawlowski say, “when containers in every shape and size vy for limited shelf space. We like YouCopia’s Divided Lazy Susan because sections can be easily removed to transport items from pantry to counter and smaller cans and bottles won’t get lost in the back.”

$24.82 at Amazon

Boluo Lazy Susan Organizer

Another great option for those looking for a lazy Susan stylish enough for use on a table is this wood and metal organizer.

$8.69 at Amazon

Copco Lazy Susan Turntable

Driskill calls this 9-inch lazy Susan “genius” and uses it to store small bottles in cabinets and pantries, where the smaller footprint doesn’t take up as much space as turntables with a larger diameter.

$22.29 at Amazon

Landneoo 12 Inch Non-Skid Lazy Susan Organizers

Large pantries will benefit from this inexpensive set of four non-skid turntable organizers. Use them to organize and maximize dead space in the corners of shelves.

$19.99 at Amazon

Allstar Innovations Spice Spinner Two-Tiered Spice Organizer & Holder

Using vertical space is a great way to maximize storage in a pantry. This two-tier lazy Susan gives you double the space of a traditional turntable organizer.

$14.99 at Amazon

mDesign Fluted Lazy Susan

“These spinners make it so easy to store and organize all your canned goods, snacks, dressings, oil, condiments, and more,” Dorn and Woodrow say. “The raised outer edges help keep everything in place while spinning the organizers.”

$150.50 at Amazon

Elfa Utility White Wire Kitchen Over The Door Rack

“We are long time fans of the Elfa system from The Container Store,” Lightfoot and Pawlowski say, “and their over the door kitchen rack is one of our favorites. There are a multitude of baskets, racks and hooks so it’s highly customizable and will work in most any kitchen.”

$19.99 at Amazon

Homyfort Over The Door Hanging Organizer With 5 Big Pockets

This over-the-door organizer takes inspiration from closet organizers with its oversized fabric pockets. Use it to store lightweight but bulky items like paper goods or large bags of potato chips, pretzels and other snacks.

$39.99 at Amazon

Jautokerdar Over the Cabinet Door Organizer

One-piece organizers are limited by their size. For small or oddly shaped pantry doors, this set of modular over-the-door baskets are a great choice. They can also be wall-mounted for more versatility.

$49.49 at Amazon

Smart Design Over The Door Pantry Organizer Rack

Reviewers praise this pantry organizer, which they call “very sturdy, and larger than I expected,” “well designed and constructed,” and “definitely worth the purchase!”

$20.49 at Amazon

mDesign Plastic Adhesive Mount Storage Container

“This self-adhesive bin can be hung under kitchen sinks, inside cabinets, or behind doors for discreet storage,” Dorn and Woodrow say. “Take advantage of unused space to create extra storage wherever you need it.”

$122 at Amazon

Knape & Vogt Double Tier Pull Out Cabinet Organizer

“For people who have to store the majority of their pantry staples in a cabinet,” Lightfoot and Pawlowski say, “pull out drawers can make a world of difference. We like to maximize the vertical space by using a double tier sliding drawer system. These are also great for organizing and containing food storage containers!”

$49.40 at Amazon

Lynk Professional Slide Out Spice Rack

Slide-out spice racks are a good way to take advantage of small or narrow space in a pantry or cabinet. Reviewers praise the Lynk Professional spice rack, calling it “easy to install, glide is super smooth,” and “great for storing all your spices in an upper wall cabinet.”

$24.97 at Amazon

SimpleHouseware 2-Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket

Freestanding pull-out basket organizers are a great choice for people who prefer not to install wall- or shelf-mounted styles, and an organizer with two tiers takes advantage of vertical space to offer more storage with a smaller footprint.

$39.99 at Amazon

Landneoo 2-Tier Clear Organizer With Dividers Slide-Out Storage Container

Pull-out basket organizers come in all sorts of fabrications, colors and styles. For those who like a clear organizer, this set of divided, two-tier storage containers is a great choice.

$37.99 at Amazon

mDesign Plastic Stackable Pantry Organizer

“These stacking drawers make it simple to organize everything,” Dorn and Woodrow say, “and the clear construction makes it easy to see what’s inside, while the slide-out drawers allow you to quickly grab what you need without unstacking.”

$16.49 at Container Store

Pullout Lid Organizer

The lids to pots and pans are oddly shaped and can be difficult to keep organized — and even more difficult when it comes to finding the size you need from a big heap of lids. A pull-out lid organizer solves that problem, making it easy to grab for lids when you need them without all the clatter.

$136.39 at Amazon

ClosetMaid Pantry Cabinet

“Occasionally, we have clients who have extra available floor space, but lack built-in cabinets or shelves,” Lightfoot and Pawlowski say.” The perfect solution in this situation is a free standing pantry. The ClosetMaid Pantry Cabinet is a great choice because of its sturdy design and adjustable shelving.”

$149.99 at Amazon

Home Bi Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Pantry cabinets are available in many sizes and styles, and there will be one that fits every need. This white farmhouse pantry cabinet has double doors that open to reveal six shelves.

$134.99 at Amazon

Hodedah 4-Door Kitchen Pantry With Four Shelves

This floor-mounted four section cabinet is as simple as it gets, offering a lot of storage space with a relatively small footprint (24″ wide by 16″ deep). It comes in four colors: Beech, cherry, chocolate-gray and white-beech.

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